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Clair Matin

Every season I wait to see which one of our roses will bloom first. Traditionally, it’s usually our big climber, Clair Matin. Despite the cold, rainy, dank, dreary, dismal, sunless weather we’ve experienced over the past few weeks (just a few days ago the temperature topped out at 49º), Clair Matin began its June Bloom right on schedule at the end of May, with its first bloom.

3-Clair-Matin-bush-6.4.17Clair Matin on June 4 above. Clair Matin on June 9 below. What a difference a few days make!


Not so with our other roses that opened almost a week later than last year. While our Yellow Brick Road rose bush was full of buds ready to burst for days, the  first bloom finally opened on June 5. But it was worth waiting for because, atypical of its normal deep yellow, this first bloom had a more intense yellow more commonly found in autumn roses.


Yellow Brick Road

The Earth Song Mike propagated and has growing in a pot bloomed the beginning of this week. As you can see in the photograph, Clair Matin, in the background, is full of blooms while the rest of our garden is still in the bud stage.


Earth Song

A few other roses were “early” bloomers.  I found one Macy’s Pride while I walked through the garden with my camera.


Macy’s Pride

Just yesterday Mike took a photo of Playboy.



The garden is finally starting to show more color and I am hoping that with a few warmer, sunny days, the rest of the garden will bloom in time for the RI Rose Society Rose Show on June 17.

You’re all invited to attend the Rose Show which is open to the public from 1:00 to 3:30 PM. Admission is free and there’s plenty of parking at the North Kingstown Community Center, 30 Beach St. Wickford, RI.


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1 Yelow-Brick-Road

Yellow Brick Road

What a difference a week makes. On Memorial Day weekend we had a garden full of buds. Now we have a garden full of roses with more opening daily. In another week, our garden will be at its peak and we’ll have the long awaited June Bloom.

One of the first roses to bloom in our sustainable garden is Super Hero, an Easy Elegance rose that is super easy to grow and very disease resistant. Here is a picture of it just starting to bloom on Memorial Day weekend.


Here it is a week later.


Another rose in Ping Lim’s Easy Elegance Series is Yellow Brick Road. Its ruffled, lemon yellow flowers set against a backdrop of dark green, disease resistant foliage make it a great addition to any garden

Last year Mike replaced the Knock Out roses we had growing around our flag pole with Party Hardy. It was bred in Canada by Weeks Roses hybridizer, Christian Bedard, and is hardy to Zone 3 which means it needs no winter protection here in southern New England. It has bright pink blooms with lighter pink/white accents and has over 40 petals. Look at all those buds waiting to bloom.


Party Hardy

Here is Earth Song surrounded by yellow yarrow and I love the combination of the pink, green and yellow. Earth Song, also winter hardy to Zone 3, is just getting started and will produce these luscious saturated pink blooms all season.


Earth Song & Yarrow

Scarlet Sensation, aka Everblooming Pillar #73, was the first Brownell rose in our collection to bloom this year.  It’s a large flowered climber that grows to about 8 feet tall. Scarlet Sensation has been around since 1954 and is one of Walter Brownell’s Sub-Zero roses, making it winter hardy to Zone 5.


Scarlet Sensation

If you’re looking for sustainable, easy to grow roses that can thrive without the use of pesticides, you may want to give some of these varieties a try.


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Earth Song

Earth Song

Rose gardening can sometimes be like a science project and our sustainable rose garden serves as our laboratory. What roses will thrive and be black spot resistant? What roses will give us the number of blooms and the form we like? Sometimes the answers are personal, but in the case of the newest additions to our no-spray garden, Earth Song and Kiss Me have passed the test and have earned their places in our garden.

Earth Song and Yarrow

Earth Song and Yarrow

In August 2013, I posted about Earth Song, a Griffith Buck grandiflora introduced in 1975. Last season it produced beautiful, large, saturated pink blooms and this season it was even more proliferous. In June this year, Earth Song rewarded us with a non-stop first bloom with many sprays of 3-5 blooms on a bush with an upright habit that has grown to about 4 ft. tall. I had Mike plant yellow yarrow behind it and once the yarrow had an explosion of growth, I was really happy with the colors and texture that the two plants provided together. Earth Song is well into its second bloom cycle and shows very little black spot.

Kiss Me

Kiss Me

Kiss Me is also classified as a grandiflora, but has more of a rounded, shrub-like habit. What Mike and I both love about this rose is its color – a medium pink that is more saturated and a bit on the coral side than your run-of-the-mill medium pink – and its form. The flowers are round with ruffled, scalloped edges with a blush of bright yellow around its yellow stamens. We had some fantastic blooms in June; in fact Mike and I won Best of Class for Floribunda Spray with Kiss Me in the Rhode Island Rose Society Rose Show on June 14. Kiss Me is one of Ping Lim’s Easy Elegance Collection.

Along with the other easy care, disease resistant roses we have, Earth Song and Kiss Me are here to stay in our garden.

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