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Clair Matin

Every season I wait to see which one of our roses will bloom first. Traditionally, it’s usually our big climber, Clair Matin. Despite the cold, rainy, dank, dreary, dismal, sunless weather we’ve experienced over the past few weeks (just a few days ago the temperature topped out at 49º), Clair Matin began its June Bloom right on schedule at the end of May, with its first bloom.

3-Clair-Matin-bush-6.4.17Clair Matin on June 4 above. Clair Matin on June 9 below. What a difference a few days make!


Not so with our other roses that opened almost a week later than last year. While our Yellow Brick Road rose bush was full of buds ready to burst for days, the  first bloom finally opened on June 5. But it was worth waiting for because, atypical of its normal deep yellow, this first bloom had a more intense yellow more commonly found in autumn roses.


Yellow Brick Road

The Earth Song Mike propagated and has growing in a pot bloomed the beginning of this week. As you can see in the photograph, Clair Matin, in the background, is full of blooms while the rest of our garden is still in the bud stage.


Earth Song

A few other roses were “early” bloomers.  I found one Macy’s Pride while I walked through the garden with my camera.


Macy’s Pride

Just yesterday Mike took a photo of Playboy.



The garden is finally starting to show more color and I am hoping that with a few warmer, sunny days, the rest of the garden will bloom in time for the RI Rose Society Rose Show on June 17.

You’re all invited to attend the Rose Show which is open to the public from 1:00 to 3:30 PM. Admission is free and there’s plenty of parking at the North Kingstown Community Center, 30 Beach St. Wickford, RI.

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Clair Matin

Clair Matin

Roses seem to bloom overnight when no one is watching. So it’s sometimes a surprise to go out in the morning and see the wonderful flowers that were only buds the day before. Over the holiday weekend, Mike was cutting roses so I could fill some vases before our company arrived. He slowly walked around the garden, selected a few stems of Graham Thomas, that was finishing its second bloom cycle, as well as some super fresh Hot Cocoas and a flashy Tropical Sunset.Clair-Matin bush

Clair Matin Spray

Clair Matin Spray

Then he discovered a spectacular spray of Clair Matin hiding in the back of the bush. This soft pink climber with bright yellow centers typically blooms in great clusters and is always the first rose to bloom for us each spring. Introduced in 1960 in France by Meilland, it is disease-resistant as well as shade tolerant, hardy to Zone 5 and easily grows to 10 feet. We’ve had it in our garden for 16 years and recommend it in our book Roses for New England: A Guide to Sustainable Rose Gardening.

The stem hat Mike cut, more like a raceme than a typical cluster, stands 20” tall and displays 7 open blooms with a half dozen buds ready to pop. We were so gob smacked by this specimen of Clair Matin that we stopped everything to take pictures so we could share them on our blog. This is the kind of spray a rosarian hopes to find the day before a Rose Show. No luck there – but who needs a rose show when we can sit and admire this garden treasure.








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